The Hybrid Exercise System Using Just Your Own Bodyweight To Shred Fat And Build Muscle In Just 6-Weeks...
The Most EFFICIENT Way To Get Lean And Strong WITHOUT Spending Hours In The Gym!
Not being able to get to the gym is NOT an excuse to skip your workout!
Getting stronger and fitter doesn't have to be complicated.

You don't need fancy equipment. Or hours in the gym on a treadmill.

We think if we don't have weights or equipment we can't possibly build muscle and burn fat.

But the simple fact is...If it CHALLENGES you, it will CHANGE you.

My name is Cori Lefkowith, owner of Redefining Strength. 

I'm going to tell you how to get killer results QUICKLY by challenging yourself with bodyweight exercises using my Hybrid Exercise System.

But before I tell you why Hybrid Exercises are the "secret" to shredding fat and building muscle with just your own bodyweight, I want to tell you the 2 Fat-Burning MYTHS holding you back!

Let me start by telling you why you DON'T need weights to get results...
How Can You Build Strength And Lose Fat WITHOUT Weights?
We've come to believe that if we don't do tons cardio we can't lose weight.

And if we don't lift weights? We can't build muscle.

But building strength and losing weight is really just about challenging your body so it has to use more energy (aka burn more calories) to adapt (aka grow stronger). 

By just using your own bodyweight you can burn fat AND build muscle.
Because there are ways you can challenge your body with only bodyweight exercises so that your body is forced to adapt and grow stronger.

Weights are just ONE way to help yourself challenge your body. But they are often the only one we turn to.

But by using harder variations, changing up tempos, combining movements together to force you to use more muscles at once and move in multiple planes of motion, you can challenge yourself WITHOUT adding weight.

By even using unilateral movements, you can challenge your body without weights AND improve your balance, core strength and correct imbalances that may lead to injury.

And not only can you challenge your body with just your own bodyweight using these techniques, but you can also burn more calories in less time with bodyweight workouts by COMBINING Cardio and Strength into one workout.

So often we think a workout has to be either or.

But it doesn't.

Through bodyweight training you can create workouts that combine both cardio and strength into one high intensity workout for better results in less time.

And I'll show you how through the use of Hybrid Exercises!

But first, let me dispel those Fat Burning Myths that have prevented you from getting the results you've wanted in the past!
The 2 Popular Fat Burning Myths That Are Holding You Back...
#1: Cardio Is KEY To Fat Loss!
Want To Burn Fat? Stop Wasting Time On Steady-State Cardio!
If you love to run, I'm not telling you not to.

And even using steady-state cardio to build that aerobic base is essential.

But all too often when we want to shed some pounds and lean down, we turn to running and elliptical and all of those steady-state cardio activities that are...well...BORING!

And...well...far from the most EFFICIENT way to get results.
Yet we've been taught to believe that cardio is ESSENTIAL for weight loss.

We've been taught that if you want to lose weight, you MUST run or bike or go on the elliptical for an hour.


That steady-state cardio may actually even be HINDERING you from getting the lean, strong body you want for a couple of reasons.

First, the more steady-state cardio you do, the more EFFICIENT your body becomes. Which is awesome when it comes to running faster and further with ease if you're training for a race.

HOWEVER, when it comes to FAT LOSS, this can be an issue. The more efficient your body becomes, the less you burn during, and even AFTER, your workouts are over.

Second, not only is steady-state cardio catabolic to muscle tissue, BUT it also doesn't help you build the lean muscle mass that makes you look more toned and defined (and helps you burn even more calories at rest!). 

Why is MUSCLE so important?

Because having lean muscle means you'll burn more calories on a day-to-day basis. You'll increase your metabolism and burn more fat even at rest.

Plus, the stronger you get, the harder you can push in your workouts and the more calories you can even burn DURING your training for faster results!

And if you want to LOOK leaner, having that lean muscle mass is ESSENTIAL! And the best way to GAIN lean muscle is definitely NOT cardio. 


You need to do strength training!

So if you want to shred body fat and gain muscle, step off the treadmill and away from the steady-state cardio!
#2: You've Got To Workout In The "Fat Burning Zone"
The "Fat Burning Zone" - If you workout in this zone you'll burn fat....end of story.

The only problem? That isn't really the WHOLE story. 

Yes, if you workout at a certain, lower, intensity, more of the calories you burn will come from fat than carbs during that training.

But let me ask you a question...

Would you rather burn 60% of 100 calories from fat OR 40% of 500 calories from fat?
40% of 500, right?! I meant that is still 200 calories burned vs. just 60!

This is why you don't need to focus on the "fat burning zone" when you're trying to burn fat.

Working out at a lower intensity may technically burn a great percentage OF THE CALORIES YOU BURN from fat. HOWEVER, you burn FEWER CALORIES when you workout at this lower intensity.

That is why you need to stop worrying about this "fat burning zone" and instead focus on challenging yourself with interval training.

By upping your intensity and really challenging your body in your workouts, you can burn more calories in less time even.

And because you'll up your calorie burn, you'll also BURN MORE FAT.

You'll also raise your EPOC or excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. This means you'll burn more calories even AFTER your workout is over WITHOUT having to spend longer in the gym.

So if you want better results in less time, don't worry about working out in the "Fat Burning Zone." Instead focus on increasing your intensity!
So What The Heck Are Hybrid Exercises And Why Are They So Important?
Hybrid Exercises are moves that COMBINE two or more exercises together that flow well with each other and allow you to work more muscles at once and even work your body in different planes of motion in a shorter amount of time.

When I’ve spoken about Hybrid Moves, I’ve gotten asked, “But aren’t those just compound moves?”


Compound exercises are great moves to work multiple large muscle groups and engage two or more joints. But with Hybrid Exercises, you are even trying to COMBINE compound moves together.
You are taking it a step further to max out your body in less time by combining moves together.

This can not only allow you to work more large muscle groups at once but even hone in on some of those “trouble zones” as you burn more calories in less time.

So if you want to work more muscles, burn more fat and get in and out and on with your day more quickly, you need to include Hybrid Exercises!
The Benefits Of Hybrid Exercises...
The top benefit summed up…They are the secret weapon to shred fat, build muscle and get better results in less time.

We all have crazy, busy lives with a bazillion demands on our time. Too many of us don’t have hours to spend in a gym.

That is why using Hybrid Exercises is so key!

Hybrid Exercises…
  •  Work a variety of large muscles groups in a short amount of time so you can burn more fat and build muscle in less time.
  •  Help up your intensity to burn more calories and create a better after burn so you burn calories even at rest.
  •  Move you in every plane of motion to build functional, full body strength.
  •  Build functional strength so you can prevent injury and move well.
  •  Are killer cardiovascular movements perfect for HIIT to help you burn fat and reveal that lean muscle.
  •  Help build full body strength WHILE you even target particular trouble zones so you can burn that stubborn fat.
  •  Help us learn to control acceleration, deceleration and the transition from one movement pattern to another to move better in every day life.
  •  Serve as their OWN “active rest" so we can get better results while spending less time working out!
Because these moves work more muscles at once, we can burn more calories in less time and even build functional, full-body strength. They also work more LARGE muscles at once, which is super key to getting more out of less time. They challenge our body WITHOUT us needing to add weights!

And when you get more muscles working at once, your body is going to have to work harder to keep up with your energy demands. AKA your workout intensity will go up as well as the benefit of the After Burn (or EPOC which I mentioned before). 

Because these moves can get our blood pumping in less time, you can burn more calories without spending longer in the gym.

These hybrid moves also create functional movement patterns, working different muscles twisting, turning and lifting just like we do in every day life!

And not only are they functional exercises and increase our intensity and work more muscles at one, but they are a great way to target our “trouble zones” AND even perform “active rest.”

They work and challenge our body WITHOUT us needing weights and help us get more out of less time as we even hone in on those areas that we need extra work on!
But What About DIET!?
Why Dialing In Your Workouts Makes The Difference!
We've all been told that if we want to lose weight, DIET is the key.

That you "can't out exercise a bad diet." That "Abs are made in the kitchen."

And that is 100% true. If you want to change your body composition, you need to dial in your diet.

HOWEVER, all too often we just then go to the gym with the thought that we will "burn a ton of calories" and our diet will do the rest.

We aren't MAXIMIZING the time we do spend in the gym so that it makes the process easier and quicker. 

Because if we really want to shred fat and build muscle, our workouts need to be dialed in.

When your program is balanced and your workouts maximize your time in the gym, you can increase your metabolism and burn more calories at rest. 

By building muscle, you can also enhance enzymes in the body that allow you to mobilize fat and use it for energy all of the time. You improve your metabolic flexibility aka your body's ability to burn fat at rest, which is sometimes impaired in sedentary people, making diet alone NOT as effective for fat loss.

And have you ever hit that dreaded dieting plateau?

Guess what!?

A simple tweak to your workout routine may help you kickstart your progress again.

So as essential as diet is to body composition changes, we need to make sure our workouts are working for us NOT against us.
That is why I developed my 6-Week Bodyweight Shred program!
Dial In Your Workouts With The Hybrid Exercise System!
I started traveling more and wasn't always able to make it into the gym. But I couldn't just skip my workouts every time I traveled.

And I was tired of clients telling me they couldn't get the results they wanted because they couldn't make it into the gym.

That is why I created the 6-Week Bodyweight Shred with my Hybrid Exercise System.

I wanted workouts we could do ANYWHERE and not only stay on track, but even get BETTER results than we could spending hours in the gym.

That is why I combined my Hybrid Exercises into high intensity workouts that required only your own bodyweight.
Using my Hybrid Exercise System, I developed workouts to build full-body strength without weights and help us shred body fat as we even prevented injury.

I included dynamic stretching and activation exercises to help make sure the core was firing and glutes were activated. Because making sure the right muscles are first firing is KEY if we want to prevent injury AND get the most out of compound and hybrid moves. If the right muscles aren't working, we will compensate!

And then to help maximize our workout time, I created workouts that COMBINED cardio and strength through density training, high intensity intervals and multi-planar hybrid movements that worked more large muscles at once and cut down on rest time.

So if you are ready to shred body fat AND build muscle in just 6 weeks, it's time to dial in your workout routine with my 6-Week Bodyweight Shred!
Are You Ready To Shred Fat And Build Lean Muscle In Just 6-Weeks?
 Get My 6-Week Bodyweight Shred!
In my Bodyweight Shred, I've laid everything out for you. I've tested the workouts and exercises myself and on my clients. 

This is 6 weeks of workouts that cycle every two weeks to help you get continued results as you lean down and build that sculpted muscle!

With your Bodyweight Shred, you'll learn how to use just your own bodyweight and hybrid exercises to build full-body strength without spending hours in the gym.

These workouts are based on my Hybrid Exercise System and focus on working your body in every plane of motion to build functional strength and get your blood pumping.
And the best part is, whether you want to workout 3 times a week or 6, I've included options for you to tailor the workouts to meet your specific needs! Only have 20 minutes one day? No problem! The workouts fit your busy schedule!

There's no reason to keep wasting time on boring cardio. Challenge your body and create killer changes in just 6 weeks.

Don't wait, get started today with the 6-Week Bodyweight Shred!
What You'll Get With My 6-Week Bodyweight Shred Program...
The Bodyweight Shred is a complete 6 week program with workouts to help you build full-body strength as you burn more calories in less time using HIIT and density training.

No second is wasted in these killer bodyweight workouts.

And unlike many programs that force you to repeat the same workouts over and over again for 6 weeks, you'll never be bored with my Bodyweight Shred because the workouts change every two weeks!

By progressing the workouts every two weeks, I help you see progress from week to week BUT prevent you from hitting a plateau or getting bored!
And all of the Bodyweight Shred Workouts come in an easy-to-follow e-book you can download to any device. So when you are traveling you can have the program right there with you!

Plus, if you are new to a move, you have access to a complete exercise library with videos, pictures and written descriptions of all of the moves to help guide you and even help you progress and regress moves to fit your fitness level. 

And if at any time, you still feel you need a little extra guidance, you have 24/7 email support from me, Cori, and access to the Redefining Strength private Facebook group, full of other clients who've taken on the Bodyweight Shred!

And on top of the Bodyweight Shred, I'm also going to give you my 5 Bodyweight Booty Burner Workouts to help you get those glutes activated. These quick burners will help you prevent low back, hip and knee pain and get your glutes, and your abs, firing so you can get even more out of the Bodyweight Shred.

Plus, since getting results from your workouts also means dialing in your diet, I'm going to give you two of my FAVORITE recipes guides including, the 10 Sweet Treats Recipe Guide and the 5 Make-Ahead Healthy Casserole Recipes Guide.

So if you're ready to shred fat and build muscle, click below to get all of these great programs and guides TODAY:
  • 6-Week Bodyweight Shred
  •  Exercise Library
  •  24/7 Email Support And Private Facebook Group
  •  5 Bodyweight Booty Burner Workouts
  •  10 Sweet Treats Recipe Guide
  •  5 Make-Ahead Healthy Casserole Recipes Guide
  • 6-Week Bodyweight Shred
  •  Exercise Library
  •  24/7 Email Support And Private Facebook Group
  •  5 Bodyweight Booty Burner Workouts
  •  10 Sweet Treats Recipe Guide
  •  5 Make-Ahead Healthy Casserole Recipes Guide
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