I was sick of ending up even worse off than where I started...
STOP - Feeling like "dieting" has to mean cutting out the foods you love...
How You Can Get The Lean, Strong Body You WANT With A Diet That Fits Your Lifestyle
I simply can't do it anymore...

I can't constantly be depriving myself of the foods I love. 

Because the second I tell myself I CAN'T have something, I become OBSESSED with that food. 

I can't stop thinking about it...And the need for that food becomes so overpowering that I end up not only giving in and eating it, but I BINGE on it.

Then after binging, I always feel GUILTY.

And that guilt only leads me to binge again...and again...until I feel so horrible and down on myself that I just completely want to give up. Because on top of everything, I usually end up even worse off than where I started!

I became so sick of dieting meaning deprivation and the constant binge, guilt cycle, I knew I had to find something better.

I refused to believe that I had to go through this for the rest of my life.

I refused to believe that I would NEVER have the body I wanted. 

That I would never find a program that would help me look and FEEL the way I wanted!

So I began experimenting. 

I was determined to create, not only for myself, but also for my clients who I'd seen struggling with the same things, a program that not only got them amazing results, but also fit their lifestyle.

...And one that didn't leave them feeling constantly deprived. That didn't leave them feeling like they couldn't enjoy the foods they love or eat out or go to parties!

That is why I created my Macro Cycling Shred!
Real People, Real Results: 
Ashley Lost Over 14lbs And 7 1/2 Inches!
Creating the Macro Cycling Shred was a process...

A process that involved me doing a lot of stupid things because there is so much misinformation out there. 

It's hard to find something that works!

Because there are so many diets out there "promising" you results...and some of them even get you results...INITIALLY.

But you end up having to cut your calories so low you're starving and you can't possibly maintain that long term. Or you have to cut out foods you love. Or you have to look like a weirdo ordering the special meal when you eat out.

The point is, there are a ton of diets, but most of them don't take into account our LIFESTYLE!

I mean I tried the freaking Potato Diet...ICK! That was maintainable for less than a day!

Anyway, I'd like to think all of my stupid experiments were worth it, not only because I found something that works, but because I can now save YOU thetime and energy of having to go through a ton of diets that set you up for failure.

And now I can share with you the huge "SECRET" I found that will get you results AND the lean, strong body you want!
Want To Know The ONE Thing That Will Get You Results?

Diets would have you believe you have to cut out whole food groups. Or cut your calories to unmaintainable levels. Or buy only their supplements.

Most diets out there convince us that getting results is some crazy, complicated process that only they have the secret too.

But that isn't the case!

Dieting doesn't have to be complicated! It doesn't have to be overwhelming

I know we all want that one "magic pill," that one "quick fix." 

It's why we read article after article and go from diet to diet...We can't help it...We know there logically is no quick fix...But yet we hold out.

I know I did.

So if there is no quick fix, why should you keep listening to me?

Because I know what it takes to be consistent...And it has nothing to do with dieting and depriving yourself of all of the foods you love. It has nothing to do with freaking hour-long gym sessions that strain and stress you further with your already stressful, busy schedule.

It has nothing to do with buying some special supplements and waste $100s or starving yourself so you're always hungry, low energy and miserable!

It means you have to be able to overcome the excuses and have something you can EASILY stick to even when work, family, stress all pile up!

Getting results means having a diet that allows you to be consistent and live your life!

That is why it is important to have a program and routine in place that fits your busy lifestyle and guides you while NOT leaving you feeling deprived.

That is why I created my Macro Cycling Shred to SIMPLIFY things and help you dial in your eating so you can live your life WHILE getting the results you want!

If you're sick of overcomplicated diets...If you're sick of wasting money...If you're sick of not getting results after having to deprive yourself for weeks or months at a time...

It's time to start Macro Cycling!

Set yourself up for success with a plan that still let's you enjoy the foods you love! With a plan that meets YOUR specific needs.

Join the 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred and get the LEAN, STRONG BODY YOU WANT without having to give up the foods you love. 

With this program, I'll help you get great results in just 6 weeks, but even better than that, I'll help you create a LIFESTYLE you can stick to LONG-TERM so you not only lose the weight, but keep it off!
It Worked For Them, And Can Work For You Too...
Wonder HOW Macro Cycling Works WITHOUT Cutting Out The Foods You Love?
We've basically been lied to...

Every diet I've tried had me eating the WRONG macronutrient ratios. It's why most diets require you to either cut your calories ridiculously low, avoid foods completely or even cut out entire food groups!

But an entire food group isn't bad for you! And you should be allowed to indulge and enjoy the foods you love!

Having the mentality that dieting equals cutting things out is what gets us into trouble.

That is why Macro Cycling works WITHOUT cutting out the foods you love.

With my 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred, you'll dial in your macronutrient ratios. 

What are macronutrients? And what does "dialing in your macronutrient ratios" mean?

Macronutrients are the food that your body requires you to get in large amounts from your diet (Protein, Carbohydrates and Fat).

With Macro Cycling, you eat all three of the macronutrients. I just put the emphasis on PROTEIN. 

This means you can eat carbs. You can eat fat. You just need to focus on protein!

And we focus on PROTEIN because protein is made up of amino acids, which are the building blocks of muscle tissue. 

If you want to grow stronger and look leaner, you need to get enough protein to build, repair and even MAINTAIN your muscle tissue!

Plus, protein has a higher thermogenic effect than the other Macros, meaning you actually burn more calories to process protein, making it harder to gain fat when your diet is high in protein.

Studies have even shown it to have a thermogenic effect 5 times greater than carbs or fat!

Studies of thermogenesis have also shown that one of the most important roles protein plays in body weight regulation is due to the fact that it increases feelings of satiety or feeling full!

So protein is not only key to us getting results from our workouts, but also feeling fuller and having an easier time losing body fat!

That is why I like Macro Cycling and it has gotten me and my clients such great, LASTING results!

It puts the focus on PROTEIN…not on carbs or on fat. 

It doesn't require you to cut out foods you love. It just makes PROTEIN your focus WHILE you can still indulge in those foods you love! 

And in my Macro Cycling program, I'll show you exactly what ratios you need and how to hit them so you can get results. 

Plus, I'll help you avoid the usual "weight loss plateaus" you hit with most diets because my shred macronutrient ratios change every 2 weeks!

And don't worry...Macro Cycling can be used no matter your dieting preferences. You can choose to be gluten-free or indulge in gluten. You can be Paleo or Vegetarian.

The point is to dial in your macronutrients so you can still live your lifestyle!
People Like You Are Getting Real Results...
Are You Ready To Get The Lean, Strong Body You Want?
I'm Ready To Get Real Results:
What You'll Get With The 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred...
If you're ready to get the lean, strong body you want and DESERVE, then it's time to take advantage of this one-time offer and get your 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred.

In this program, I'll teach you how to eat according to your goals. I'll tell you how to dial in your macronutrients and how much of each to eat. 

I'll help you calculate how many calories to eat and even show you how you can hold yourself accountable to get the results you deserve!

I'll show you how to break everything down and make it fit your crazy, busy lifestyle.

And I'll even show you how to hit the macros by providing you with recipes AND demonstrate how you can use them to hit the 3 different macro cycles. 

The 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred comes with:

- 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred Guide - To help you get the most out of your program  

- Recipe Guide - To help you hit each macro breakdown and get enough protein 

- Grocery List - To help make shopping quicker and easier!

PLUS, if you join the 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred NOW, you'll not only get a special one-time rate, but you'll also get two bonus recipe guides!

You'll get 5 Casserole Recipes For Healthy Make-Ahead Meals.

Because having meals prepped and ready is KEY to results especially when we get busy and reach for the quickest and easiest thing available. 

These make-ahead meals are great if you want delicious food the whole family will eat. Or simply if you want leftovers for the week so your meal prep can be quick and easy!

If you join NOW, you'll also get my 10 Sweet Treat Recipe Guide!

I don't know about you, but desserts are my weakness. These treats help keep me on track and hitting my macros WITHOUT feeling deprived or wanting something worse for me!

And to help you get even FASTER results from your 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred, I'm also including my 5 Rapid Fat Blaster Workout Guide if you join for this one-time deal today!

By dialing in your diet AND your workouts, you can get even better results even more quickly!

And the best part is, these workouts will also fit your busy schedule! All of these workouts are quick and require only your bodyweight. 

So if you are short on time and can only workout at home, these workouts have you covered!

Join NOW and take advantage of this one-time offer below. 

With your 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred Guides, you'll get these 3 bonus guides:

- 5 Casserole Recipes For Make-Ahead Meals

- 10 Sweet Treat Recipes

- 5 Fat Blaster Workouts

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I want you to get results and the lean, strong body you WANT!

And so that I can help you get those results, I'll only be offering this price, and the bonus guides for a short time longer!

Don't wait or you may miss out on not only a diet that fits your lifestyle, but a COMMUNITY and trainer that will support you each and every step of the way!

When you join my program, you get complete support from me AND access to my PRIVATE Facebook Group with other people achieving results on their fitness journeys.

Whether you need motivation, help holding yourself accountable, more recipes, workout advice or simply a place to celebrate your SUCCESSES, you'll find that community and support when you join the Macro Cycling Shred.

So join today and don't put off achieving your dream body any longer!
Join The 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred!
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Honestly, if you aren't going to actually USE this product, don't waste your time buying it! I want you to get results and I think this is the perfect way to help you get them!
My Macro Guarantee!
P.S. - if you're skimming and just wanted to see what the offer was... for just $27, you're getting my 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred - and the diet that helped me and my clients get the lean, strong bodies we WANTED with a diet that FIT OUR LIFESTYLES!
This is a ONE-TIME FEE! There are no hidden charges or re-occurring dues. I'm not trying to rope you into anything...Honestly, if you aren't going to actually USE this product, don't waste your time buying it! I want you to get results and I think this is the perfect way to help you get them!

But getting results takes HARD WORK! 
So remember, while this product can help you achieve results, YOU'VE got to put in the work!

My Macro Guarantee

I guarantee you will get the results you want if you put in the work. For my refund policy,

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