Learn How To Stop Yo-Yo Dieting 
And Lose Weight And Keep It Off 
With Macro Cycling You'll Avoid These 3 Dieting Pitfalls And Get Real Results Without Having To Deprive Yourself Of The Foods You Love!
The 3 Dieting Pitfalls That Prevent You From Getting Results
Did you know there are three reasons diets usually fail? And did you know you can easily avoid these three things with Macro Cycling? 

So what are the 3 reasons your diet usually fails?
1. You Make Certain Foods "Off Limits"
When we tell ourselves we CAN'T have something, it just makes us stress and focus on that food more. 

And then we end up binging when we do finally indulge in them. That binge can then lead to guilt and us struggling to get back on track!

With Macro Cycling, no foods are off limits so you can still enjoy the things you love!
2. You Starve and Deprive Yourself 
Most diets get results by slashing your calories down to next to nothing and cutting out all of the foods you love. 

And generally when you go on a diet, you feel like a hermit because you can't eat out since your diet is usually strict and limited. 

Macro Cycling doesn't deprive you of any foods or cut your calories too low!
3. You Focus On The WRONG Macros
Too often diets focus on cutting out fats and carbs. In general, diets focus on CUTTING OUT. But cutting out and demonizing foods isn't the answer.

Instead Macro Cycling gets you to simply focus on getting enough protein to build lean muscle AND burn more fat.

Focus on more protein and you'll see fast results that you can maintain!
How Can You Get Results With A Diet That Fits Your Lifestyle?
Ready to stop yo-yo dieting? Ready to stop feeling like you're starving only to end up binging and feeling guilty? 

Then it's time you learned more about Macro Cycling!

If you're ready for a FLEXIBLE dieting plan that allows you to enjoy the foods you love, attend social events and eat out with friends all while STILL GETTING RESULTS, you need to check out my 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred!
"Not only did I lose weight, but I gained the knowledge and tools to learn how to live a healthier lifestyle." - Ashley C.
"At my heaviest, I was almost 230 pounds, taking pain pills and blood pressure medications. I had daily headaches and low energy levels. I wasn't even 30 years old, but I could feel my body shutting down. I was finally ready to make a change to get healthy. I fell in love iwth my gym and was introduced to the Macro Cycling Shred. The first time trying this program, I lost 14lbs and was able to keep the weight off. If you are truly ready to make a lifestyle change, this program will work for you!"
After 3 rounds of the Macro Shred, Ashley is now down over 60lbs!
4 Reasons The Macro Cycling Shred Will Work For You...
Dieting and depriving doesn't work. Expecting perfection and cutting out all of the foods you love doesn't work.

It leads to binging and you feeling miserable. It leaves you feeling isolated and alone.

That is why I wanted to create a program that fit your lifestyle. That is why my Macro Cycling Shred focuses on 4 things:

1. Macro ratios that adjust to avoid plateaus and keep you from getting bored.
2. Flexibility so you don't have to avoid parties and restaurants.
3. A supportive community and 24/7 access to coaching.
4. Simple guidelines that TEACH you to create a healthy lifestyle.
1. Macro ratios that adjust to avoid plateaus and keep you from getting bored.

We stay motivated when we see progress. That is why it is important to find something that not only allows us to remain consistent, but also helps us avoid stalling or hitting a plateau. 

By changing macro ratios every two weeks, I help you prevent stalling so you can keep seeing results and stay motivated. And because you'll cycle every two weeks, you won't get bored and feel like you have to eat the same foods for 6 weeks straight.

But because you aren't having to cycle between ratios during each week like you often do with carb cycling, you don't have to do a ton of meal prep for different days or buy a ton of food to fit high carb, low carb or even moderate days. You don't have to worry about if your workout matches the carbs for the day. 

You don't have to think during the week about what you need to eat and if you can or can't have carbs that day.

You'll know the ratio for the week so you can do a simple and quick meal prep and not have to buy a ton of different foods to fit different ratios. 

2. Flexibility so you don't have to avoid parties and restaurants.

Dieting can make us feel like a hermit. We feel like we can't go out...or when we do go out it can be stressful trying to figure out what we "can" or "should" eat.

And often because we are stressed about figuring out what to eat, or even unprepared, we end up eating something we know we shouldn't. And then we feel guilty. 

Which can then make us feel like we "ruined" the day. 

That feeling that we ruined the day, can lead us into a horrible cycle of binging, feeling guilty and then binging again until we completely fall off of the healthy habits we were trying to create. 

But what if you could more easily enjoy parties and eating out?! What if it didn't have to be stressful and you didn't have to sit there with bland chicken or a salad without dressing while everyone else indulged?

That is why I love Macro Cycling and following the ratios! 

You can easily plan to eat out and enjoy some foods with friends by just following the ratios! There are no off limit foods. You can tweak things so you can fit some party foods and meals out with friends into your diet!

Because eating well should be about creating a lifestyle! It isn't realistic to think that you can't go out and have fun...Because isn't that even why we eat healthy in the first place? To feel good so we can enjoy life!?!
3. A supportive community and 24/7 access to coaching.

We've all bought programs and never used them...Yup...we are all guilty of this.

We have the best intentions but getting started and staying motivated when you are doing it alone is super hard. Like ridiculously hard.

How do you take that first step forward when change can seem so overwhelming if you don't have others around you to help guide you?

Often we can't. 

What do you do when you get stuck if you don't have people to help guide you?

Unfortunately what often happens is we give up.
We aren't meant to go it alone. That is why we bought the program in the first place. And while sometimes that program alone is enough if we are super motivated, having a supportive community to help guide us is often really key to success...and not having this may be why you've struggled to make a change in the past!

We often need support and motivation and others around us to help us out! It is important to have people you can reach out to when you are unsure of how to get started. Or how to make changes. 

It is important to have a place we can go to admit to our struggles and ask for help and even CELEBRATE VICTORIES!

Especially because sometimes the people in our lives aren't as supportive as we need. And maybe not intentionally so...but we've all had those friends who sort of encourage us to cheat on our diet when we don't want to....who tell us that one cookie/french fry/missed workout won't matter.

And yes, while it probably won't, the point is they aren't helping us to make a change.

That is why with my Macro Cycling Shred, I created an online community where you can go for advice on anything you need...full of people on their own fitness journey even experiencing and dealing with the same struggles you're going through.

Whether you want new recipes, need some moral support, want some workout advice or heck just need to vent about a rough day, this community is there to support you and celebrate with you as you move forward toward your goals!

Because we shouldn't go it alone. 

With others there to support us, making changes is easier. 

4. Simple guidelines that TEACH you to create a healthy lifestyle.

Eating well doesn't have to be complicated. You don't have to buy crazy supplements or vitamins. You don't have to cut out whole food groups or time your meals or even eat at specific times. 

There don't have to be off limit foods. Or crazy complicated cycles you have to go through every other day.

Dieting shouldn't cause you more stress! Eating well should make you look and feel better!

That is why Macro Cycling gives you an easy way to track your food. By making protein the focus, you can dial in your diet and even still enjoy the foods you love.

You aren't restricted to specific foods. You don't have to give anything up. You don't have to get any specific crazy fad pills or supplements. 

You focus on protein and dial in your macronutrients so you can feel fuller, lose weight and FEEL BETTER.

On the Macro Cycling Shred, you'll get ratios to follow that will allow you to still use the foods you love. No bland chicken and broccoli here...unless you really like that...

But the focus is on foods that match the ratios and still taste good. Because if food doesn't still have flavor, you may commit to 30 days on a program but there is no way you'll stick to that long term!

By dialing in your macros and focusing on protein, you don't have to feel deprived so that you just can't wait till this is over. Because making a lifestyle change means there really is no end date even if you are committing to 6 weeks to start!

Plus, with the Macro Cycling Shred, you'll LEARN how to make a change that lasts. It's not overly complicated rules you just simply follow. You are learning how you can focus on protein and make it a lifestyle! You are learning how you can adjust your daily diet to get you results and MAINTAIN THOSE RESULTS!

Because making a lifestyle change is about changing habits. And changing your habits is about learning not simply following an overly complicated program that has you freaking out over every little thing!

So if you're ready to make a lifestyle change, join my 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred below!
"I came to the realization that I had been exercising for 4-5 days per week for 8 months, so clearly exercise is not the problem. If I’m going to lose any weight I have to work on what I’m eating..." - Ellen S.
"...I have to develop a healthy lifestyle. I have the typical excuses everyone lists out at the beginning, I work full time, not a great cook, I’m also a single mom so to do any kind of diet for me would mean I’m cooking two meals every night. But again, this challenge came around and I felt it in my bones, I needed to do this. I had to. I told myself if I can be a single mom, earn a masters degree, and work full time, I can go on a diet for 6 weeks. Challenge accepted. 

The most challenging part of this was dealing with temptation. What helped me get though it was the supportive environment at Redefining Strength. This was a place I could go to and be around people who were on the same meal plan. It really made a huge difference."
Ellen lost 10 pounds and over 9 inches!
What You'll Get With The 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred...
Learn How To Eat According To Your Goals And Avoid The Binge Cycle

The Macro Cycling Shred helps you get great results in 6 weeks and keep the weight off long term because it teaches you how to eat correctly without completely depriving you of the foods you love!

The Shred is based on dialing in your Macronutrients aka your protein, fat and carbs. 

When we first start eating well to lose weight, we often cut calories and focus on whole natural foods. And while these two things are important, you may be finding you're not getting the results you feel you deserve.
And it might be because your macronutrient breakdowns aren't in line!

That is why the 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred cycles through 3 different macronutrient breakdowns to help you get results faster and avoid your progress plateauing. 

The best part is, you can still indulge in the foods you love! Too often we diet and simply deprive.

We cut calories and stop eating all of the foods we love. 

But this doesn't work for long because we can't constantly deprive ourselves. 

And it can even lead to BINGING. And then begins the binge cycle of eating badly, feeling guilty, eating badly again...Until all of our progress is gone.

Not only does the binge cycle destroy our progress, but it can sometime leave us worse off than when we started!

That is why the Macro Cycling Shred teaches you to eat well WITHOUT depriving yourself by focusing on 3 different macro breakdowns. Using these ratios you'll get results.

The 6-week program will teach you how to calculate your macros and calories. Plus it will provide you with recipes and a grocery list so that you know not only what foods to buy, but have recipes to help you hit the macro ratios.

And BONUS, with the 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred, you'll get our:
- 10 Healthy Sweet Treat Recipe Guide
- 5 Savory Casseroles Recipe Guide
- 5 Quick Bodyweight Fat Blaster Workouts
"Some days, I just need to eat 10 goldfish crackers for my mental sanity (because wedding planning sucks)." - Starla S.
"Does it work? Yes. Could I have eaten cleaner? Absolutely but some days, I just need to eat 10 goldfish crackers for my mental sanity (because wedding planning sucks). Am I happy with my results? It was better than I expected. The last macro breakdown was my jam!...The shred works. Do it."
Starla lost 4.6lbs and over an inch from her waist!
They Got Real Results And So Can You!
Are You Ready For Delicious Food And Results You Can MAINTAIN?
Healthy food doesn't have to be bland and boring! 

And with the Macro Cycling Shred, I'll not only provide you with some delicious recipes but give you guidelines that allow you to keep enjoying the foods you love!

Whether you love dessert or french fries, I'll show you a way to still enjoy the foods you love by either making healthy swaps or trying my recipes!

Because eating well shouldn't be a chore. And it shouldn't stress you out. It should enhance your life and make you feel and look better!
If you're ready to change your lifestyle, you can't simply keep doing diets that deprive you of the foods you love. That force you to eat bland meals and boring recipes.

You can't keep going from diet to diet just waiting until they are over to go back to how you were eating before.

No...If you want a lifestyle change, you've got to be able to enjoy the foods you are eating! It's got to be something that fits your busy schedule and allows you to still eat out and enjoy time with friends and family!

That is why the Macro Cycling Shred works. Delicious foods. Flexibility. And ratios that teach you how to eat so you can make a true lifestyle change! 

If you're ready to stop jumping from diet to diet and enjoy the foods you love as you get great results, join my 6-Week Macro Cycling Shred below!
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